Keskendushäired (ADHD) paranesid TM-i abil (2)

Ajutöö muutu kooskõlastatumaks ja keeletestid paranesid lastel, kes kannatasid keskendushäirete ja rahutuse (ADHD) tõttu. Seda näitab uus uuring Washingtonis, USA-s. See uuring tõestab, et TM on reaalne alternatiiv ADHD ravimiseks.  Senini on selle ainsaks ravimiks olnud narkootik (amfetamiin). Amfetamiinil on kahjulikud kõrvalmõjud ja see ei ravi seda häiret. TM ravib kahjulike kõrvalmõjudeta.

See uuring kinnitab varasemat uuringut, millel olid sarnased tulemused. Vaadke varasemat blogi selle kohta.

Allpool väljavõte sellekohasest artiklist, mis ilmus meie omale vastavas blogis USA-s “TM-blog“.

Excerpt from:

New study fins TM boosts brain functioning and helps students with ADHD

A random-assignment controlled study published this month in Mind & Brain, The Journal of Psychiatry (Vol 2, No 1) found improved brain functioning and decreased symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, in students practicing the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. The paper, ADHD, Brain Functioning, and Transcendental Meditation Practice, is the most recent study demonstrating TM’s ability to help students with attention-related difficulties.

The study was conducted over a period of 6 months in an independent school for children with language-based learning disabilities in Washington, DC. The study showed improved brain functioning, increased brain processing, and improved language-based skills among ADHD students practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Neuroscientist Fred Travis, Ph.D., and other researchers performed electroencephalogram (EEG) tests to measure and record the electrical activity of students’ brains as they performed a demanding computer-based visual-motor task. Successful performance of the task required attention, focus, memory, and impulse control.

The study showed improved brain functioning, increased brain processing, and improved language-based skills among ADHD students practicing the meditation technique. In addition, students were administered a verbal fluency test. This test measured higher-order executive functions, including initiation, simultaneous processing, and systematic retrieval of knowledge. Performance of this task depends on several fundamental cognitive components, including vocabulary knowledge, spelling, and attention.

Experts say that EEG measurement can help to diagnose ADHD as the ratio of theta brain waves can be used to accurately identify students with ADHD from those without it.

Fred Travis, Ph.D.

“In normal individuals, theta activity in the brain during tasks suggests that the brain is blocking out irrelevant information so the person can focus on the task,” said Travis. “But in individuals with ADHD, the theta activity is even higher, suggesting that the brain is also blocking out relevant information.” And when beta activity, which is associated with focus, is lower than normal, Travis added, “it affects the ability to concentrate on task for extended periods of time.”

“Prior research shows ADHD children have slower brain development and a reduced ability to cope with stress,”

said co-researcher William Stixrud, Ph.D., a prominent Silver Spring, Maryland, clinical neuropsychologist. “Virtually everyone finds it difficult to pay attention, organize themselves and get things done when they’re under stress,” he said. “Stress interferes with the ability to learn—it shuts down the brain. Functions such as attention, memory, organization, and integration are compromised.”

…Dr. Stixrud added, “Because stress significantly compromises attention and all of the key executive functions such as inhibition, working memory, organization, and mental flexibility, it made sense that a technique that can reduce a child’s level of stress should also improve his or her cognitive functioning.”

[Tõlke visand:]

“Kuna stress oluliselt häirib tähelepanu ja aju kõige tähtsamaid täidesaatvaid funktsioone nagu inhibitsioon, töömälu lorraldus ja vaimne paindlikkus, näis mõistetavana, et tehnika, mis vähendab lapse stressitaset, peaks parandama ka tema kognitiivset funktsiooni.””

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